Scott Novack


Scott Novack, Founder, President, and Lead User Experience Designer of Up A Notch Design brings 9 years of experience from corporate software house Citrix Systems, utilizing user-centered design techniques and conducting user research toward building the most effective websites, communications, and overall experiences.

Now we bring that experience to you.  We feel that small businesses are under-served in regards to research and design, and that not everyone needs the extensive services of a pricey agency.

Novack is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.  He also spent years as a software developer, both for Windows and Web, so he appreciates the underlying technology that makes websites and social media possible.  Novack brings some of the engineering/coding work to your projects as well, when necessary. 

But his great love is the research and design.  It is what makes all of us want to get out of bed in the morning.


On a lighter note, Scott plays electric bass guitar, sings as a tenor in the Master Chorale of South Florida, and has a wonderful rescued greyhound named Rosco.  Rosco sings, too.  So please enjoy the very short video below of Scott's son and dog.

We hope to work with you soon.


My dog, Rosco, singing along with my son as he plays marimba. This happens all the time. Also happens with the telephone, the coffee grinder, you get the idea.


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