• Go beyond website design, SEO and social media

  • Go beyond business goals

Meet your audience's goals. They will choose your business.

Up A Notch Design consultants apply research and design methods centered on your audience, improving everything about the experience with your business.

Thank you for an extraordinary experience!  Your skill and professionalism were the perfect fit for me and my website.  Up A Notch Design is a 10 out of 10!
--Pamela Dubin, pameladubin.com

Speak, look, and work better, within your budget


Connect with your audience & Communicate your value


Exhibit confidence and Professionalism


Streamline your customerS' experience

Let's talk about how your website design and social media can be brought up a notch

...It is more than just "be cool" and "get it coded".  Up A Notch Design consultants bring User-centered Design techniques and research methods from the corporate world to the small business.

Asking the right questions and building common sense solutions can make a big difference, for less than you think.

Did you know that over 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices?  Does your website work on mobile?

Design Consulting Services

Small businesses, non-profits, and schools can take advantage of a number of a la carte consulting services toward improving your website design and social media presence.

Additionally, you can expect:

  • Personal service and attention
  • Mobile device and desktop support
  • Learning how to update your own content going forward

An initial consultation to discuss your needs is free!  Let's talk.

Apply Yourself Educational Consulting

"Up A Notch expertly guided me through a process I had pushed off for years - updating my business website which was possibly a detriment to my marketing and business development efforts.  You dug into my processes and expectations, asking questions about aspects of my business, my clients, and my goals that I had not considered!  You created a new and far more professional look-and-feel for the site and guided me to develop content that reflected this new polished aesthetic and my business goals.  My college advising prospects and other centers of influence find the new site informative and inspiring."

-- Naomi Steinberg, Founder, Apply Yourself Educational Consulting, Boca Raton FL


Master Chorale of South Florida

"Your work for MCSF has demonstrated high quality of work, responsiveness to requests, timely completion of tasks, and innovative forward-thinking ideas.  Complaints about the ticket purchase experience have completely stopped!"

-- Nancy Gates-Lee, Vice President and Chair, Marketing Committee


Riverton School Library

"You know the right questions to ask in terms of understanding the people who will use the website, and getting me to focus on the heart of what they are really looking to get from the library. You have an eye for design when it comes to user interfaces."

-- Amy Penwell, Librarian, Riverton School, Riverton NJ

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