Design Consulting Services

Up A Notch Design consultants apply user-centered design methods for Assessment, Design, and Implementation services for your website, social media, and other communications.


Find opportunities for improving what you already have, or what new experiences you need to build

Determine who your audience is (you may have more than 1 audience) and what they need.

  • Review of existing website, social media, other

  • Competitive analysis

  • Audience pain points

  • Documented description of audiences and their goals

  • Each audience's journey through your complete experience


Provide design solutions to address opportunities brought up in your assessment

  • Merge business requirements into assessment

  • Analyze audience tasks for importance and repeatability

  • Build a plan for optimally presenting your information, whether social, web, or otherwise

  • Account for expected content updates

  • Create new designs, working with you and your audience, accounting for SEO (search engine optimization), making final adjustments, and documenting final designs


Put it all together

It may be time to switch from on old site to a new site using a site builder like Squarespace or WiX.  Up A Notch Design can use these and other builders to implement the design created for you.  Benefits for your website include:

  • Both desktop and mobile designs will look great

  • Site builders can handle security issues for you

  • We will teach you how to make simple content updates yourself, with no need to pay Up A Notch Design, or anyone else, in the future

Content Updates

Keep it effective as your information changes

If you like, Up A Notch Design can make updates to the content of your site, as you need them.  We have maintenance packages for 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year, for weekly or scheduled updates.

New pages or design updates are separate from a Content Update package.


An initial consultation to determine your needs is free.  Let's talk.

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