A Short Study In...Finding

A Short Study In...Finding

The next in a regular series of short, 30-second reads about assumptions on design.

"People who come to my site will dig until they find what they want and then buy.


If you know your audience, but can't get them to the item they want to buy, you've lost a sale.


…you have an e-store.  This could be in any industry and any kind of product collection.

How do you help people find and choose?  (more than one answer is possible)
    1. Categories
    2. Search box
    3. List everything you've got and let them use CTRL+F
    4. All of the above
    5. Ha!  You forgot to list something!
(NOTE: "It Depends" will never be an answer because, frankly, it is always correct!  Everybody's situation is different.)

I will report on responses to this study in a future post.  Let me know your thoughts!

--Your Neighborly Designer Man at Up A Notch Design