Audience: Short Study Results

Here are the quick results of my "A Short Study in Audience" survey.

100% of the responses involved #5: "Ha! You missed something!" with 25% also choosing #4 All of the Above.

Of the #5's, responses were evenly split between "Teachers/Staff" and "Everybody".  Teachers do access library resources and may have a stake in the website.  

"Everybody" is broad, but one respondent talked about schools letting senior citizens access the library, or how people moving into the area might want to see data about schools and libraries.  These are both valid points, though it can be difficult to target the entire public.

The follow-up question to determining audiences then becomes "How important is each audience?"  The answers feed into how to allocate your resources into reaching each audience.  You may decide to skip a secondary audience…for now.  In the future, your business requirements may change your feelings about your audiences.

Thanks to everybody for their responses!  Tune in next time for A Short Study In…Finding!

--Your Neighborly Designer Man at Up A Notch Design