A Short Study In...Audience

A Short Study In...Audience

Welcome to the first of a regular series of short, 30-second reads about assumptions on design.

"Who uses my site and social media and why they use it is obvious.


If you do not know who the audience for your website and social media really is and what their goals are, how do you know your content is any good?  You may even know who 85% of your audience is, but wouldn't you want to get the other 15%?


…you are the librarian of an elementary school, and you want more people utilizing the library itself and the associated website.  

Who is part of your audience?  (more than one answer is possible)
    1. Children
    2. Parents
    3. Principal
    4. All of the above
    5. Ha!  You forgot to list something!
(NOTE: "It Depends" will never be an answer because, frankly, it is always correct!  Everybody's situation is different.)

I will report on responses to this study in a future post.  Let me know your thoughts!

--Your Neighborly Designer Man at Up A Notch Design